Your appointments are very important to G spot Hair Design, it is reserved especially for you, we understand that  sometimes schedule adjustments are necessary; therefore, we respectfully request at least 72 hours notice for cancellations.




Please understand that when you forget, or cancel your appointment without giving enough notice, we miss the opportunity to fill that appointment time, and clients on our waiting list miss the opportunity to receive services. Our appointments reminders are set to remind you of held appointment times.  Since the services are reserved for you personally, a Cancellation fee of the service Base Price booked will apply within 72 hours prior to appointment. We will be asking for a credit card to have on file for online appointment times held. Consultations will only be charged with no credit towards service, if you No Show.


If you have tested positive for Covid, and have to cancel inside the policy window, please reach out to Erin@gspotchicago.com to schedule your make up appointment after your Isolation period. I will honor charge for up to 30 days after original booking for makeup appointments.


If you prefer a method of receiving services that does not require a credit card on file. Please add your name to the wait list.  When slots are made available, you'll be alerted to openings on Wednesdays for that week's appointment slots. It will be first come first service with openings, please be specific with your availability.


Policy Will be upheld at ALL TIMES, unless weather has shut down Chicago Transit and Metra services, or you receive an email otherwise. Thank you




As a courtesy, we will EMAIL and text you to confirm your service appointments prior to your appointment date. Please understand that it is your responsibility to remember your appointment dates and times to avoid late arrivals, missed appointments, and the cancellation fee. Please use the system to confirm you’ll be at your appointment time, any late arrivals not confirmed may be canceled after their start time.





 G spot Hair Design stands by our policies, we feel that it is only fair that we honor the same policies to our clients, if in any reason the salon has to cancel on a client less than 24 hours of the appointment scheduled; we will honor a 10% discount on your next service. But, if the cancellation is due to situations that are out of our hands such as power outage, unfortunate incidence, etc… that requires the salon to be closed during regular business hours, we would gladly reschedule your appointment. The discount will not apply.