Natural, Synthetic, and Metallic Options

Watch the G Spot Locks Technique video

How do you install locks?

We use an all-natural locking method that shapes your hair into a dread. We leave the rest up to nature, your patience and our maintenance.


How often should I shampoo?

We recommend once a week, with a range of 3 to 10 days; this will help to maintain a healthy scalp. Knotty Boy shampoo and in house products are our favorites. The most important step is to make sure your dreads are dried thoroughly after each shampoo.


How often should I wax?

24 hours after a shampoo when your hair is completely dry. The best way to wax is to warm up a chunk in your palm and then lightly wind your hand around the dread from the scalp down. Use less wax if your hair is lighter in texture. Waxing your dreads is not necessary, but can help them mature faster.

What do I do if the ends start coming out?

This is normal, especially if your hair is thick or straight. Like all good things, your locks will take time to form. Just keep twisting the ends in with the rest of your dread. We can work on this during maintenance as well.


How often will I have to have them maintained?

Natural locks will form faster for curlier hair. The shorter or straighter your hair, the more attention it will need. We recommend maintenance appointments anywhere between 6 weeks and 3 months, depending on your hair texture and dread development.


What can I do to maintain my locks?

Wash and wax or gel on a regular basis. As your hair grows, separate each dread at the scalp, this is best done before shampooing. Twist from the scalp to the ends, especially when waxing.

Can I color my Locks?

Yes! It will take longer than a regular color application because of the hair density, but they can be whatever color you want. If chemicals aren't right for you, we offer extension hair in a rainbow of colors as an alternative.


My locks aren't long enough!

We offer extension services specific to dreads. Here at the G Spot we love to defy nature! Using human or synthetic hair we can extend your dreads to any length.


Free and Required actually. We need a chance to take a look at your hair to know what resources and supplies will be needed for your service to be completed in the best and most efficient way! Help make the process faster and email me a photo or two of your hair so I can get started before you come in to the salon. Consultations are Always required for all new customers.


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